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Historical Air Quality Data for Miami, Florida

Data type Trend sites 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 All sites active in 2009 2009 using all sites
AQI > 100
6 4 1 2 0 2 0 0 7 1 0 19 0
AQI > 100† 26 18 8 5 4 11 4 11 10 5 2 90 2
CO 7 2.8 3.2 2.8 2.5 3.1 2.3 2.0 1.6 1.8 1.5
O3 4 .075 .071 .064 .065 .062 .065 .075 .067 .068 .062
PM2.5 5 9.6 8.5 7.9 8.1 8.5 8.5 8.5 7.9 7.2 6.8
PM10 2 40.0 43.0 37.5 41.5 39.5 45.5 36.0 48.0 46.0 54.5
SO2 3 .0019 .0016 .0017 .0013 .0012 .0012 .0012 .0011 .0012 .0013
* Number of days with Air Quality Index values greater than 100 at trend sites: PM2.5 only
† Number of days with Air Quality Index values greater than 100 at trend sites

General Home Inspections Inc

13727 SW 152nd St # 280
Miami, FL 33177

Adepp Home Inspection Svc

14130 NW 3rd Ave
Miami, FL 33168

Affordable Florida Home Inspec

3460 SW 132nd Ave
Miami, FL 33175

North American Home Inspection

14201 SW 90th Ter
Miami, FL 33186

Building Inspections Inc

Miami, FL 33135

Lighthouse Home Inspections

19050 Bel Aire Dr
Miami, FL 33157

Allstate Home Inspection

14181 Southwest 15th Ave
Miami, FL 33181

Key Building Consultants

7175 SW 47th St
Miami, FL 33155

SDR & Assoc

16201 SW 95th Ave # 218
Miami, FL 33157

Lennar Homes

876 SW 155th Ct
Miami, FL 33194

EPA settles with Quality Chemical Company, of North Miami, Florida for production and distribution of unregistered products

Release date: 01/25/2005

Contact Information: 

Contact: Laura Niles Phone: (404) 562-8353

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today the settlement of an administrative enforcement action against Quality Chemical Company (Quality Chemical), located in North Miami, Florida for alleged violations of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).  The settlement requires Quality Chemical to comply with FIFRA and pay a $69,520 penalty.

On May 8, 2003, EPA sent a letter to Quality Chemical regarding potential violations from the production and distribution of “DESTROY Black Mold Remover.”  The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services collected samples of this product, as well as other unregistered antimicrobial, pesticides such as “DEFEND – Finally, Your Defense Against Black Mold,” “BIO-STOP + Mold Preventer,” and “BIO-STOP + II Mold Preventer,” during subsequent inspections at the Quality Chemical facility.  The product labels included pesticidal claims to control black mold, but the products were not registered with EPA as required by FIFRA.  EPA also alleged that Quality Chemical used a registered pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling on at least two occasions, which represents separate violations under FIFRA.

While neither admitting nor denying the alleged violations, Quality Chemical agreed to pay the penalty of $69,520.  In addition, Quality Chemical ceased production and distribution of the unregistered pesticides when notified of the violations.  FIFRA defines a pesticide as “any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest” and requires that all pesticides be registered with EPA prior to distribution or sale.  Registered pesticides are required to conform to FIFRA’s labeling regulations, and establishments that produce pesticides must be registered with EPA.

Thank you for visiting our directory of Miami Mold Inspection Experts powered by Environix.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions our mold experts often receive.

What type of services are typically offered by a mold inspection and mold testing company in Miami?

A professional inspector in Duluth will typically offer the following services: mold Inspection, black mold inspection, mold detection, toxic mold testing, moisture intrusion detection (Leak Detection), pre-purchase inspection for real estate transactions, allergen screening for dust mites, pollen, pet dander, indoor air quality testing, (IAQ) Miami, Florida.

Where is Mold Typically Found in Miami area homes?

Mold growth can occur anywhere the conditions are correct, however certain areas are much more common. These include the crawlspace, attic, bathroom and near plumbing fixtures. Crawlspace mold damage often occurs during new construction or in warm environments using air conditioning. Attic mold damage is common in cooler climates and occurs when warm air from within the home condenses on the cold surface of the attic sheathing. Bathroom mold is very common, though often is more of an aesthetic problem than a health issue. Plumbing fixtures, however, can be a source of major mold problems, and if left unattended, often wood rot as well. Carpet mold is less common, however carpeting can often harbor old deactivated mold spores for many months after the source of the mold growth has been addressed.

Miami environmental services are a key part in keeping your home safe. It is essential to find a qualified, certified toxic mold testing service to check your living conditions. Environix can help you find this qualified professional.

What is involved in the Mold Inspection & Mold Testing process?

A thorough mold inspection typically involves two main components, a visual inspection and sampling. The visual inspection focuses on identifying the extent of the visible mold growth and the conditions conducive to mold growth. This portion of the inspection often entails moisture meter testing, thermal imagine, humidity testing, CO2 and CO testing. Depending upon the scope of the inspection the process is either limited to a specific portion of the building or encompasses the entire property. Visual inspection and air sampling will identify problem areas that may be adversely affecting your Indoor Air Quality. Learn more about the inspection process.

Miami, Florida Mold Experts

We offer an extensive array of indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals to suite your needs. These include building inspectors, waterproofing contractors, mold inspectors, hazardous materials managers, industrial hygienists and drainage contractors.

Symptoms of Mold Exposure in Miami

The primary health effect of exposure to mold is through an allergic response. Asthma, allergies, and sinus infections can all result from exposure to mold spores. It is important to remember that mold spores are ubiquitous and occur naturally in the outside air. Much like pollen and other allergens, these reactions are possible in sensitive individuals even at levels found in the outside air. The goal of indoor air quality testing, therefore, is to determine if the mold spore counts in your home are elevated beyond the levels normally encountered in the outside air.

Respiratory infections are also possible, though typically only occur in susceptible individuals with compromised immune systems. These people are often confined to hospital clean rooms. The toxic effects of mold growth are far less understood. Scientists are unclear whether an individual can receive sufficient exposure to mold growing indoors to cause the toxic effects.

Learn more about the health effects of mold.

What should I look for in a Miami mold testing and inspection company?

Before hiring any mold testing and inspection company, always ask the following questions:

1.) Are they certified in mold testing and mold inspection?

2.) Do they have three recent references from local, Miami area customers?

3.) Are they licensed and bonded for mold testing in Miami?

4.) Are they insured specifically for mold testing in Miami?

Your Miami, Florida mold testing and inspection experts are a key part in keeping your home safe. Environix can help you find this qualified professional. This Miami black mold inspector will check air quality, look for lead paint or toxic black mold, and check drinking water and septic system issues.

Local news results for Miami mold inspection.

Schools wage never-ending battle against mold

Before the start of school last year, moldy and water-stained ceiling tiles were found in two classrooms, and moldy drywall in a third room at Northmore Elementary in West Palm Beach.

The problems were fixed quickly, but the case was far from an isolated incident across the Palm Beach County School District, records show.

During the 2009-10 school year, administrators handled 977 maintenance work orders to address indoor-air quality problems ranging from "sewer odors" to high humidity to water leaks.

A Sun Sentinel/Orlando Sentinel investigation reviewed thousands of cases involving moldy classrooms, health-related complaints from teachers and students, and responses and actions by school officials. While the school district has received national recognition for a pro-active measures in addressing mold issues, some problems persist.

In Palm Beach County, reports from July 2007 to June 2010 point to a never-ending battle being waged against mold that infests classrooms, bathrooms, offices and and even school clinics. Among the findings: Clifford O. Taylor/Kirklane Elementary in Palm Springs: A summer 2007 inspection validated years of complaints by parents and teachers about repeated flooding, roof failures and mold. The school, built in 1970, is improved now thanks to a $40.7 million modernization last year.Olympic Heights High west of Boca Raton: Surface mold in nine classrooms was reported after school started in Aug. 2008.

Coral Sunset Elementary west of Boca Raton: In June 2009, a district carpenter was called in to remove 48-foot-long moldy cabinets from two walls in the school's clinic.Okeeheelee Middle in Greenacres: Surface mold in four classrooms was reported in Oct. 2009.Independence Middle in Jupiter: In April, a staff member's illness resulted in the discovery of "very dirty & moldy" parts of the air conditioning system for the physical education office. Read more...

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