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Mold Removal & Remediation near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Environmental Solutions Specialists, Inc

1401 Cornell Parkway
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Restoration, IAQ Practitioner, Health & Safety Professional

Crystal Creek Environmental Solutions

1401 Cornell Pkwy
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Design Professional, IAQ Practitioner, Health & Safety Professional

Contractor's Demolition

8020 SW 74th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73169

Smart House Consultants, Inc.

6444 N.W. Expressway # 836-A
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

IAQ Practitioner, building science

Meylan Enterprises

8528 W Reno Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Midwest Wrecking Co

10508 N Coltrane Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73131

Quantem Laboratories, LLC.

2033 Heritage Park Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Laboratory Services

American Waste Inc

1001 S Rockwell Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73128

L & W New Home & Coml Dtlng

3505 Quail Run Dr
Oklahoma City, OK 73160

Services include:  Mold Removal Oklahoma City – Mold Remediation Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Mold Cleanup Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Thank you for visiting our directory of Oklahoma City Mold Experts powered by Environix. Below is a list of frequently asked questions our mold experts often receive.

What type of services are typically offered by a mold removal and remediation company in Oklahoma City?

A professional mold remediation contractor in Oklahoma City will typically offer the following services: mold removal, black mold cleanup and removal, mold remediation, toxic mold removal, mold basement removal, attic mold removal, bathroom mold cleanup and general house mold treatment.

What are the steps in a typical mold remediation project in Oklahoma City area homes?

 1.) Identify the source. Without first identifying the conditions that encouraged mold growth, the remediation cannot succeed. Depending on the situation, the initial inspection is performed by an industrial hygienist, mold professional, home inspector or the remediation contractor themselves. In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma you will encounter all four sources.

2.) Identify the extent. Next, it is important to identify the extent of the mold growth and water damage. Often this involves the use of moisture meters, thermal imaging and other specialized equipment. Air quality sampling can also be employed to identify the extent of the contamination.

3.) Containment. During the mold removal and remediation process the mold spores will often become disturbed and aerosolized. This can lead to cross contamination and create a situation much worse than the original problem. Therefore, mold remediation contractors in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma use specialized techniques to contain the area. Often this involves the use of HEPA filtration, negative air machines and plastic sheeting.

4.) Removal. After containment is in place, the mold damaged materials are removed. Often this includes the removal of porous materials such as sheetrock, upholstered furniture, carpeting, insulation, etc.

5.) Decontamination. During a mold remediation project in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma there are often materials that do not require removal. Non-porous or semi-porous materials such as wood framing, metal, plastic and concrete can be cleaned in place. HEPA vacuuming, wire brushing, sanding and other cleaning techniques are utilized to remove all remaining mold spores from the contaminated area. Often, an antimicrobial solution is applied to the remaining materials as well.

6.) Clearance Testing. Upon completion of the mold remediation and removal project a final clearance inspection is performed. This can range from simply a visual inspection of the area to a full range of air quality and surface samples. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma mold removal contractors will often work with a third party inspection company to verify their work.

What should I look for in a mold remediation and mold removal contractor in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma?

 1.) Licensing. Ask the contractor if they have a valid Oklahoma business license. Few states regulate the mold industry specifically, but all states require a general contractors license to perform mold remediation work.

2.)Insurance. Does the contractor have mold specific insurance coverage? Mold remediation insurance is expensive and often contractors simply have general construction insurance. This type of coverage will NOT cover any mold remediation or mold removal work.

3.)Experience. Ask the contractor how long they have been in business. Also, always ask for references from recent customers who hired the contractor for a similar project. Additionally, check the Oklahoma Better Business Bureau.

4.) Pricing. Unfortunately the mold industry is plagued by a few very unscrupulous individuals. These companies charge exorbitant rates, often suggesting work that is completely unnecessary. If the price seems unusually high or the scope of work larger than what you expected, ask for a second opinion.

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Local news results for Oklahoma City Mold 

KJRH - Bixby Public Schools found unsafe levels of mold in an elementary school, school officials said. Officials at Central Elementary have blocked off part of the building where unsafe levels of mold were found. In a letter sent to parents Jan. 6, Central Elementary Principal Lydia Wilson said "As a matter of precaution, and in order to facilitate remediation and repair of the problem, we have temporarily relocated students to safe and clean areas in the building." According to a Dec. 20 indoor air quality inspection report of the old cafeteria and a custodial closet conducted by Liberty Occupational Health Management, Inc., the total mold spore count was 62,000 per cubic meter of air.

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