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Glossary of Mold Related Terms


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Substance that causes malformation or serious deviation from normal development of embryos and fetuses.

Threshold Limit Value

Air concentration of chemical substances to which healthy workers can be exposed for 8-hour work days during a 40-hour work week without suffering an adverse effect.


Threshold Limit Values (guidelines recommended by ACGIH).

Total Suspended Particulate Matter

The mass of particles suspended in a unit volume of air when collected by a high-volume air sampler.


Of, affected by, or caused by a toxin; to cause a poisonous reaction.

Tracer Gases

Compounds, such as sulfur hexafluoride, which are used to identify suspected pollutant pathways and to quantify ventilation rates. Tracer gases may be detected qualitatively by their odor or quantitatively by air monitoring equipment.

Transfer Air

The movement of indoor air from one space to another.


Total suspended particulate concentration.


Haziness in air caused by particles, or cloudy condition in water caused by suspended silt or organic matter.


Total volatile organic compounds.