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Mold and Air Quality Testing Learning Center

House Diagnostic Center

Mold inspection, mold testing and diagnosis of mold issues.

Interested in the specific parts of a home where mold growth can occur?  Browse our diagnostic center for information on common areas of moisture intrusion and mold contamination.  We'll cover the kitchen, attic, basement, bathroom, crawl space, HVAC and other areas .  

Mold and Indoor Air Quality Library

Information on mold and other indoor contaminants.

Here you'll find information about the different types of mold and indoor contaminants.  In addition to photomicrographs of each mold, we'll discuss unique health concerns, growth patterns, toxicity and identification techniques. In the future, check back for images of specific types of mold growing within the home.

Mold Articles and Mold Research

Latest research on mold and fungal contamination.

Click here to find the latest research and reports on fungal contamination, mold growth, and other IAQ issues.

Lead Inspection & Research

Here you'll find information on our inspection and remediation firm in Seattle (outside link).

Asbestos Testing & Inspection Information 

Here you'll find information on our asbestos testing and firm in Seattle (outside link).