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Mold on bathroom ceiling

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Recent shower ceiling mold inspections. 


Mold on bathroom ceiling.
  • RH: 56%  Temp: 70 deg F.  CO2 = 536 ppm   CO = 0 ppm
  • Minor mold spotting noted on ceiling of bathroom.
  • Mold spotting is specifically located over the tub/shower area and in the corners of the bathroom.
  • No elevated moisture levels were noted in ceiling of bathroom at time of inspection.
  • Ventilation fan is dirty but functions well.
  • No areas with elevated moisture levels were found in front of bathtub or around base of toilet.
  • Source of mold growth appears to be condensation based and not related to a roof leak or plumbing leak.
  • Poorly insulated attic space causes bathroom ceiling to become cold during winter months.  When warm moist air comes in contact with the cold bathroom ceiling, condensation forms and supplies the needed moisture for mold to grow.


Bathroom ceiling mold
  • Recommend using the ventilation fan during bathing and ensure fan runs until all condensation / steam has been evacuated from the room.
  • Recommend painting the bathroom ceiling with a semi-gloss, high quality interior paint that contains a mildicide to help prevent mold growth from occurring.
  • Recommend insulating the attic space to prevent excessively cold surfaces on the ceiling.
  • Recommend keeping all relative humidity levels below 55%
  • Recommend installing a hygrometer inside the home to monitor relative humidity levels.