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Mold on the outside of the house

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Recent Inspection Report Involving Exterior Water Intrusion

Work #: 201004


  • Home built in 1985
  • Inspection was of garage and exterior corner only.


Summary:        Abnormal Conditions Found!


  • Evidence of water damage and mold growth found in NE corner of garage.
  • Lower portions of the sheetrock contained moisture content readings of above 50%
  • Upper portions of wall did not contain any visible mold growth
  • visible mold growth was only visible in bottom section of north wall.
  • Client had opened up interior of wall cavity to inspect sheathing.  No visible mold growth was observed on the sheathing, however sheathing and insulation were wet at this time.  


  • Recommend removal of affected areas of sheetrock and extend removal until no wet sheathing is discovered.
  • Insulation may be able to be reused if no evidence of fungal growth is found inside wall cavity.
  • All exterior sheathing must be dried to below 20% moisture content prior to insulation and sheetrock being replaced.

LOCATION: Exterior

Summary:        Abnormal Conditions Found!


  • Water staining was noted on exterior of wall on siding.
  • Cedar shakes contained elevated moisture levels but appeared to be in good condition with no rot or water damage noted.
  • No fungal damage noted.
  • Previously leaking exterior faucet has since been repaired.   


  • Recommend remediation of affected wall cavity in garage and ensure all sheathing is dried out.
  • Clean and repaint exterior shakes once dry.