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Recent Inspection Report Involving HVAC Issues

Work #: 105039

General Information

  • Home owners have requested an indoor air quality screening, due to allergy issues.

Furnace / HVAC

  • The furnace is equipped with a fresh-air intake system that does not appear to be functioning properly.


  • Hire licensed HVAC company to ensure the fresh-air intake is set properly to achieve the recommended number of air changes per hour.
  • Homes must have special care taken to ensure appropriate ventilation, and prevent the buildup of humidity and other pollutants.
  • Current standards recommend 0.35 to 0.7 air changes per hour, this may be attained by setting the fresh-air intake to run correctly.

Living Room:

  • RH: 61.2%     Temp: 63.2F     CO2 = 480ppm     CO = 0ppm

Master Bedroom:

  • RH: 57.9%     Temp: 66.3F     CO2 = 499ppm     CO = 0ppm 

Daughter’s Bedroom:

  • RH: 52.5%     Temp: 67.6F     CO2 = 472ppm     CO = 0ppm