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Bacteria Sampling

Does your building have dangerous bacteria growth? 

E. Coli can lurk in sewage contaminated water.   Our swab sampling analysis can detect E. Coli and other types of Coliforms.

Types of Bacteria Sampling Available:

  • Airborne Sampling
  • Source Sampling (water, bulk samples, etc.)

These samples are used to determine inhalation exposure, identify the presence of hidden bacterial sources, and identify the presence of bacteria in suspected areas.

Airborne Bacterial Sampling

The primary test applied to these samples is culturing to determine viability.


  • Allows identification of different types of bacteria present in the air.


  • Requires long turn around time for sampling results
  • Bacteria vary widely in their abilities to survive collection and grow under laboratory conditions.

Viable Bacterial Sampling.


  • Identifies genus and species of bacteria identified.
  • Determines the sample bacteria's ability to cause infection. 

Source Bacterial Sampling


  • Offers a wide range of sampling locations such as humidifiers, air conditioning units, cooling towers, shower heads, etc.
  • Higher likelihood of discovering the presence of bacteria.


  • Cells may reproduce during transport, skewing the results.
  • Samples must reach the laboratory within 24 hours.

Swab Bacterial Sampling


  • Samples are typically cultured allowing for speciation.
  • Direct microscopic examination is available.
  • Is non-destructive.
  • Is inexpensive.
  • Allows enumeration of mold concentrations.

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