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How To Remove Mold In Your Home

How to remove mold in your home.

Before you remove mold from your home it is important to ask a few key questions.

  • Have you properly identified the source of the moisture issue which caused the mold problem in the first place?
  • What is the extent of the mold growth requiring removal in your home?
  • What type of materials is the mold growing on?
  • Are you qualified to remove mold?  Do you have the proper protection?
  • Can you clean and remove the mold or do you need to remove the underlying material as well?

The following is a guide on how to remove mold from several common materials in your home.

  • Remember, before you remove mold, always determine and address the original cause of the moisture problem.  The following guide assumes the area of mold growth is limited to <5 sqft. Please contact a mold professional before attempting any mold cleanup work yourself.
  • How to remove mold from sheetrock.  If the area of mold removal is limited to a couple square feet or less, the mold removal can likely be performed by you.  First, determine if the sheetrock requires removal.  Is there mold on the backside of the wall that would be impossible to reach?  Is the sheetrock blistered, swollen or bulging from water damage?  If so, the sheetrock itself likely needs to be removed.  If not, removing mold growth from the sheetrock can be done with a strong cleaning solution and scrubbing.  Your goal is to remove mold from the surface of the material.  Some underlying staining may remain.
  • How to remove mold from clothing.  Remove mold through regular laundering or dry cleaning.  If the mold growth is significant, consider disposing the garment. 
  • How to remove mold from shoes.  Remove mold with a water / detergent solution and hand scrubbing.  Leather is typically salvageable.

How to remove mold from wood.  Remove mold based on the finish of the wood and the extent of the growth.  If the mold is growing on unfinished wood, such as framing, mold growth can be removed with a wire brush.  Mold removal on finished furniture, such as a bookshelf, however requires much more care.  Removing light mold growth can often be cleaned with a damp rag and cleaning solution.  If more vigorous cleaning is required, the piece of furniture may require refinishing.

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