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Mold Inspection

Mold inspection, the process of identifying the cause and extent of mold problems.  

A mold inspection is the process of identifying the source, extent and type of a mold problem.  Often the phrase mold inspection refers to the entire assessment process, including air quality testing.  Mold inspections are performed by trained professionals, including industrial hygienists, indoor environmental experts and home inspectors.  A mold inspection is unique in it’s focus because it assess only the factors specifically associated with water intrusion and mold growth.  This may include a wide variety of locations within the home.

What type of equipment do you use during a mold inspection?

Technology is an important part of the mold inspection process. Qualified technicians utilize many pieces of diagnostic equipment including moisture meters, hygrometers and thermal imaging cameras. This equipment allows them to identify hidden sources of moisture and mold growth.

How long is a typical mold inspection?

A typical home or small commercial building requires 1-2 hours of inspection time. Larger homes or commercial buildings may necessitate more time.

What should I do to prepare for a mold inspection?

Typically it is best for your inspector to investigate the building in 'as is' condition. Mold growth is an indication of a moisture management problem. Therefore it is beneficial for them to observe the mold problem before clean up occurs.

What do I receive at the end of my mold inspection?

Nearly all mold inspectors provide a written inspection report, similar to what you'd receive from a home inspector when purchasing a house.  This document outlines the results of the visual observations, diagnostic data, laboratory findings and recommendations.  If the services are limited to just air quality samples, an inspector may just provide the report directly from the lab.  

Is my mold inspection report sent to a third party?

This is a common question for mold inspectors.  However, rest assured because industry guidelines call for mold inspectors to only share their data with the party who paid for the services.  The only exception to this rule would perhaps come from a subpoena from legal proceedings.  This is exceptionally rare.

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