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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation.  A professional guide to mold remediation.

Mold Remediation – The process of correcting problems due to mold. Often referred to in reference to professional cleaning, removal and abatement of mold and mold damaged materials.

Common questions regarding mold remediation:

What should I look for in a mold remediation professional?

  • License, bonded and insured.  Contact your state licensing office and verify a current contractors license.  Mold remediation required specific pollution liability coverage.  Many contractors offering mold remediation services do not carry the insurance necessary to cover their work.  Mold remediation insurance is expensive and many insurance companies require contractors to undergo extensive training prior to receiving coverage. 
  • Referrals.  Always ask for three references, preferably recent customers with projects similar to your needs.  Additionally, check the Better Business Bureau for outstanding complaints.  
  • Certification.  Most states do not have require certification.  However, qualified mold remediation contractors should provide proof of 3rd party training. 
  • Cost.  Pricing for mold remediation projects can vary widely between contractors.  A more expensive bid does not necessarily indicate higher quality service.  Look for a contractor with a common sense, professional approach to cleanup.  Additionally, be wary of contractors with abnormally low prices.  Mold remediation requires costly equipment and well trained technicians.  Ask for an estimate of the hours and number of people required to provide the remediation you need.  Divide the total cost of the project by the total number of man hours.  Compare this cost / hour number to related industries such as plumbing, water damage or carpentry. 

How do I verify if mold remediation was performed correctly?

  • Clearance assessment provides a final check to ensure project was completed properly.  This can be performed with a variety of techniques, though all mold remediation projects must involve a simple visual clearance assessment. Additionally, consider 3rd party air quality testing if the scope of the project is large or in a sensitive area of the home.  If a contractor is aware 3rd party clearance testing will be performed, they are far less likely to cut corners.

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