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Property Managers - Mold

Have you faced this scenario yet? The resident contacted you and asked you to address a problem with something mold-like growing around a window sill. Your maintenance crew has cleaned the substance away, but it just keeps coming back. The occupant has now started to complain about getting sick because of this persistent growth. After hours of effort, after you have tried to do the right thing and get this problem solved, the mold just keeps coming back

Working with a qualified mold inspector allows property managers to focus on profits, not problems.

A chronic leaking roof, leaking water pipe, bathroom moisture, or a poorly maintained ventilation system can be an invitation to a lawsuit. As science establishes a causal relationship between the presence of mold and human illness, legal exposure will rise.

Property managers must ensure that reasonable means have been taken to avoid harmful mold growth and tenant exposure. National attention has brought mold and indoor air quality to the forefront of tenant and property owner concerns. Many tenants are knowledgeable about mold infestations and health issues via TV, the Internet, and the newspaper.

A certified mold technician goes beyond the hype.  As specialists, they are trained not only to permanently eliminate mold problems, but do so in a cost effective solutions to mold and moisture problems. 

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