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Turning Mold into Sold

As a realtor, perhaps you have experienced this scenario. You have finally reached the point you have worked so hard for. After hours of effort, you have brought the buyer and seller together on an agreed price and escrow is now open. The home inspection is complete, and then you get "the call." The home inspector has reported a mold-like substance and the buyer wants it addressed...NOW! Have you planned ahead for this event or is it time for you to PANIC?

In January, 2005 the National Association of Realtors named mold as a "Hot Topic" for the Year.

"Toxic mold" is an increasingly important issue for real estate professionals for several reasons:

  • Modern energy-efficient building practices provide an environment conducive for mold growth.
  • Public awareness on the topic is growing.
  • Mold litigation activity is increasing after several recent multimillion-dollar judgments.

As the professional, you can have the answers your clients need. By differentiating between hype and truth, a certified mold inspector will assess and analyze the property and recommend solutions you and your client need in order to move forward with the transaction quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Equipped with a better knowledge of basic knowledge, you can be better prepared to address this disclosure challenge more effectively the next time in happens.

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