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Toxic Fraud - Cleaning up the mold industry one bid at a time

You’ve got a bid from a mold remediation contractor, how can you be sure it’s fair?  Is the price and service in line with acceptable standards? 

These questions can be difficult to answer, especially when your home has a mold problem and you need it cleaned quickly.  Unfortunately, the mold industry is filled with charlatans and swindlers, leaving many consumers vulnerable to overpriced bids. 

How can we help? 
It’s simple.  Send us the bid you’ve received and we’ll compare it to industry guidelines and averages.  Your bid will be assigned a rating based on Cost Effectiveness and Scope of Work.  Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make an educated decision. 

How do I submit a bid for review?
We accept documents either via email of fax.  Please include a return email address in your correspondence.

  • Email - Send a copy of your bid to  Attachments should be .pdf files less than 2 mb.
  • Fax –  Please fax a copy of your bid with a cover sheet to 425-869-5571. 

When should I expect a response?
Typically our response time is two business days or less.          

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