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We always find the source of the problem

Your mold inspection isn't completed until we've successfully diagnosed the cause.  Whether it's a faulty ridge vent, disconnected bath fan or elevated indoor humidity, we'll find the cause.

We guarantee it won't come back

We're confident in our expertise.  We provide a lifetime warranty against attic mold regrowth. 

The Vast Majority of Attic Mold Treatments Fail to Fix the Cause of the Mold

Here's What Happens Within a Few Months:

Our approach is a little different

We perform a real inspection

Most mold inspectors spend about 10 minutes in your attic.  Our inspectors spend a full hour investigating the mold issue.  

  • Soffit ventilation
  • Ridge ventilation
  • Moisture content testing
  • Interior RH & ventilation rates
  • Air leakage / sealing
  • Architectural constraints

Absolute integrity. Total competence.  Locally owned.