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Everett Indoor Environmental Inspection & Remediation Services

Everett is among the busiest cities in Washington, but residents of this beautiful city also need to keep an eye on their indoor air quality. This is because both mold and lead are heavily present homes across Snohomish County.

Both lead and mold have a huge impact on the quality of the air in your home. Getting indoor inspection and remediation services is extremely important, especially if you’ve noticed signs of possible mold growth or if you believe your house may have lead-based paint.

At Environix, our team of specialized inspectors is trained to carry out rigorous examinations and provide a plan of action to solve these problems permanently.


Mold Removal & Remediation

Traditional mold abatement methods tend to be costly and don’t guarantee a permanent solution. Even if it sounds relatively simple, the process of removing mold-ridden materials and cleaning out the area can be anything but.

Mold spores are everywhere. Aside from sterilized laboratory or hospital environments, these allergens can be found floating around all over.

However, when found in high concentrations, they can cause negative effects on people with compromised immune systems. And, high mold levels can also cause bad flare-ups for people that have asthma and allergies.

This is why we developed a multi-pronged approach for our mold removal service. Not only do we restore your indoor quality, but we also guarantee the problem won’t return.


Our Remediation Process

The mold remediation process we implement has four steps, which are:


Mold is ubiquitous, but high levels also increase the chances of future issues. By containing the infected area, we can limit the movement of the spores and the scope of our work at the same time. This may require the construction of temporary structures and the usage of specially designed vacuum.


After containment, the next step is to remove materials and items that can’t be salvaged. Mold can grow on carpet, fabric, walls, wood, and a variety of other surfaces. It can cause thousands of dollars in property damage, but we will work with you to restore whatever is salvageable and discard damaged materials.


Cleaning the affected area is just as important as removing the damaged surfaces. This step may actually take longer than the removal process. Cleaning requires a series of different steps in order to remove mold particles and any staining that comes as a result.


Lastly, our Everett mold specialists run a series of tests to verify the success of the project.


Mold Inspection & Testing Services in Everett

Similarly to other organic allergens, mold growth occurs naturally. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t decrease your indoor air quality. The main problem is that traditional home mold inspections only focus on identifying the type of mold, rather than helping customers solve the problem.

Because of this, we thrive to deliver wholesome services that focus on identifying the type of mold and the source of the problem. Elevated spore levels are often due to excess moisture, and a single test will not reveal the part of your home that’s causing the issue.

Our Everett mold testing experts combine traditional lab tests with thorough on-site inspections. We don’t only tell you the type and severity of the mold problem, our team will also locate the issue and provide solutions that prevent future growth.

There are different issues that may cause excess moisture. Water damage due to rain intrusion, leaky pipes, or groundwater floods can create the perfect conditions for mold to thrive. Our team is trained to provide suggestions on how to fix each one of these scenarios.


Lead Testing & Inspections

According to The Department of Health, there are close to 1.2 million homes that have lead-based paint in Washington alone. For this reason, we aim to provide quality Everett lead testing services that help determine the safety of the air in your house. And the best part is that all of our inspectors are qualified to offer sensible recommendations to solve the issue.


Lead-Based Paint

There are three common lead-based paint testing methods available. These are DIY kits, paint chip samples, and XRF testing. DIY kits often provide inaccurate results and paint chip tests require a huge number of samples, not to mention the fact they have a longer turnaround.

XRF testing has become the new accepted standard as it provides ultra-accurate, instantaneous results.


Lead-Contaminated Soil

Lead can make it to the soil around your house through different means. However, once there, fine particles can be tracked into your house or accidentally ingested by young children and pets. Getting the soil around your house tested will help you identify potential threats and take the appropriate steps to create a safer environment.



  • Client found mushrooms growing from behind the stove. He requested an inspection to determine the source of the problem.


  • This single family residential property was built in 2007 and is 2,589 ft².


  • Previous leak from the fridge provided the moisture for the mold and fungal growth. Leak appears to have been properly addressed.



Stove Moved Back – Locations Where Mushrooms Were Found

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– Hugh F.