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Mukilteo Indoor Environmental Inspection & Remediation Services

More than a million homes in Washington State alone have the presence of lead in their wall paint. To understand just how dangerous this is, we first need to explore what lead actually is. Lead is an extremely toxic metal that has been responsible for various health consequences and even deaths over the years. Until the 1970s, lead was a popular ingredient in many manufacturable goods, with the most common being wall paint. It was at that time that researchers finally made the connection between lead and the extremely negative health response many individuals were experiencing.

The presence of mold growth in your home can cause adverse health reactions as well. Many individuals suffer from mold allergies or find that they experience respiratory discomfort or trouble when mold is present. Both of these air contaminants can damage our health or the health of our family members, harmful air quality in our homes is a serious matter and should be addressed immediately if you or a family member begin to experience any effects.

Mold Inspection & Testing Services In Mukilteo

Here at Environix, we offer home inspection services by visually examining your home and running lab tests to ensure the quality of your air and rule out the presence of harmful toxins.
We perform in-home mold inspections and testing for residents of Mukilteo as well as the surrounding areas. If you believe you may have mold in your Mukilteo home, we encourage you to have it professionally inspected and tested right away.

Mold Removal & Remediation

Here at Environix, we focus on mold removal as well as remediation services. Rather than simply testing and removing the presence of mold in your Mukilteo home, we also focus on ensuring that the cause of mold growth is taken care of to prevent further mold issues.
Our mold abatement process will keep your home mold free in the future and will help assure you that you and your loved ones are safe from harmful toxins.

Our Remediation Process

Our mold remediation process focuses on identifying the cause of mold growth in your Mukilteo home. We will send out our mold specialist to conduct a visual analysis of your mold situation and to carry out specific tests on the mold itself. Once the cause of your mold problem has been identified, we will send out our team of specialists to remedy the issue so that you can avoid future mold problems.

Lead Testing & Inspections

As mentioned above, up until the 1970s lead was frequently used in all manner of products. Because of this, many homes that were built during or up until that time still have the presence of lead in their wall paint.

If your Mukilteo home was built any time before or during the 1970s you should have it tested for lead in the paint. Our team of lead inspectors will test your wall paint to determine if it is a lead-based paint or to ensure that it is lead-free.

Work With Environmental Home Inspectors Today

Our priority is the safety of you and your loved ones. We know that health is not something that should be gambled with, and we understand the importance of our jobs in relation to the well-being of our clients.

If you want extra peace of mind about the safety of your indoor air, call Environix today to schedule a home inspection.

Case Studies From Mukilteo


  • Client has been reacting to something in the front bedroom whenever she sleeps there. Client requested an inspection to determine if mold could be an issue.


  • This rental home is a townhome in a multi-family residential property, built in 1978.


Mukilteo home inspector

Small Spot of Moisture on Front Window Sill

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Success Stories

"Thanks, Katheryn; much appreciated. Jeff did a thorough inspection and represented your firm very well. I'm going to absorb his report over the next couple of days and then get back to you by this coming Tuesday to get Environix's part of the work scheduled and moving forward. Please have yourself a good weekend. Be well and safe."

– Herb J.