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Mold on Wallpaper

Project Report > Inspection for Wallpaper Mold Issues

Work #: 201043

Wall Mold


  • Adequate Ventilation Not Present
  • Recommended ventilation of residential homes should be between 0.35 and 0.7 air changes per hour (ACH).
  • Desired Ventilation Rate:  .5 ACH (Air Changes per Hour)
  • Square Footage:            838 sq/ft
  • Average Ceiling Height:   8 ft    X

More Mold

  • Replace exhaust fans in basement with constant-flow models listed below to ensure adequate ventilation and prevent future condensation.

Furnace Room:

  • Significant mold growth noted on common wall to the office, this area had a large picture frame pressed against the wall for an extended period of time.  The home owner reports large amount of growth on the picture frame that had been placed against the wall.  Visual inspection suggests that minor condensation had built up over the years and caused the mold growth.
  • Minor staining was noted on back side of carpeting, this staining was consistent with condensation on the tack-strip and not consistent with liquid water intrusion.
  • RH:38.8% Temp:62.5°F CO2:362ppm CO: 0 ppm


  • Bathroom exhaust fan is of very poor quality, and likely inadequate.

Utility Room:

  • Obvious water marks on foundation wall, but no active water intrusion source was noted in this area.
  • Obvious water damage to wooden surround near chimney, likely secondary to previous leaking around chimney flashing that no longer appears to be active.
  • Wooden flooring in this area is inconsistent with building techniques in the remainder of the basement, slab presence below this flooring could not be confirmed.
  • Continue to monitor water stained areas to ensure that no active leaking is present.

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