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Dryer Mold Issues

Project Type > Inspection for Mold Related Dryer Issues

  • Work #: 201021

Improper Dryer Ducting & No Vent Found Outside


  • Home Built in last 2 yrs.
  • Inspection was of garage only.



  • Dryer vent was found to not exit the ceiling cavity of garage.
  • Elevated moisture levels were found on rim joist and some subflooring.
  • Visible mold growth was present on rim joist only.
  • Sheetrock is two layers for fire code.
  • Insulation was present in ceiling cavity and was found to be wet to the touch. Insulation was removed at the time of inspection.
  • Visual inspection inside ceiling cavity did not reveal any other major damages.
  • Steel gas line inside ceiling cavity was rusty and appeared good condition, however it is recommended that it be checked by a qualified technician.
  • An inspection hole was cut into the lower section of sheetrock wall directly under the dryer vent. No visible mold or elevated moisture levels were noted inside wall cavity.


Wet Wood & Insulation inside Ceiling Cavity

  • Recommend removing all sheetrock along first ceiling joist bay.
  • Garage door hangers may remain in place.
  • Remove all insulation from open ceiling cavity.
  • Recommend drying out underlying substrate prior to re-insulating and repair.
  • Dryer vent must have an exit hole cut into exterior of home and an appropriate vent hood installed and sealed.

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