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Flooding Related Mold Issues

Project Report > Inspection of Mold on a Flooded Foreclosed Home

Reason for Inspection:

  • Client is managing the clean-up and remediation of a foreclosed home.  Client requested a bid for the removal of all contaminated items and building materials.

Summary of Concerns:

  • Significant water and mold damage to most building materials in basement from a burst plumbing line in ceiling.
  • Poor house keeping and neglect have resulted in significant mold growth and other contamination on main level.
  • Visible mold growth was found in the attic space due to excessive humidity from the burst plumbing line inside home.


Burst Pipe in Ceiling

The culprit – a frozen supply pipe

  • Home built in 1969
  • Approximately 1270 sq ft. Single family residence
  • Home has been foreclosed and vacant for some time.

Location:  Kitchen

  • Significant contents present throughout kitchen.
  • Kitchen did not show any significant signs of water damage, however not all areas were able to be inspected due to amount of contents present.
  • Recommend removal and disposal of all contents.  (Includes all contents in fridge and cabinets)
  • Any building materials with visible water or mold damage should be removed and disposed of.

Location:  Living Room

  • Living room was filled with left-behind contents.  No areas of water damage were noted around any walls or windows.
  • Recommend removal and disposal of all floor coverings.
  • Perform air scrubbing and dust removal procedures.

Mold Growth on Sheetrock

Location:  Back Bedroom – Upstairs

  • Room was filled with junk and old furniture.  Visible mold growth was observed on the exterior wall.  This is likely due to condensation from the occupant.
  • Recommend removal of any wallboard that exhibits any mold growth.

Location:  Front Bedroom – Upstairs

  • Room was filled with junk and old furniture.
  • No areas of visible water damage were noted, however access was limited due to excessive contents.


  • Recommend removal and disposal of all contents and furniture.
  • Recommend removal and disposal of all floor coverings.

Location:  Hall Bathroom – Upstairs

  • Bathroom was extremely filthy and filled with debris & contents. Visible mold growth was found under vanity sink. Damaged tiled shower surround noted.


  • Recommend removal of sink and vanity to access and remediate mold growth on wall behind.
  • Recommend removal of tiled shower surround.

Location:  Basement Bonus Room

Mold in Basement Rooms

  • Room contained significant debris throughout.
  • Bubbling paint and drywall tape on ceilings indicate previous water damage.
  • Significant mold growth noted on bottom 4-6 ft of sheetrock in numerous locations throughout room.

Project Report > Mold Inspection due to Burst Water Line Flood

Source of Moisture Intrusion:  Major whole house flooding due to burst water supply line.

Building Type:  Residential Construction

Remediation Required?  Yes

Inspection Notes:

  • Top Floor
  • Majority of sheet rock still in place.
  • Excessive amounts of mold growth found along bottom 2-3 feet of sheetrock in living room.
  • Visible mold growth found on exposed quik-crete floor in living room.
  • Some evidence of mold growth found on base of walls in bedrooms.
  • Tub still in place in bathroom. – Wet insulation is still located behind tub/shower surround.
  • Visible water marks noted around ceiling HVAC vent in living room.
  • Little to no mold growth noted on exposed wall sheathing where sheetrock had been removed.
  • Vinyl flooring was still present in kitchen. Moisture was found under the vinyl flooring still and should be removed to allow for complete drying.
  • Source of moisture appears to be a frost-burst copper supply line to toilet.

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