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Flooding Related Mold Issues

Project Report > Inspection of Mold on a Flooded Foreclosed Home

Reason for Inspection:

  • The client is managing the clean-up and remediation of a foreclosed home.  The client requested a bid for the removal of all mold-contaminated items and building materials.

Summary of Concerns:

  • Significant water and mold damage to most building materials in the basement from a burst plumbing line in the ceiling.
  • Poor housekeeping and neglect have resulted in significant mold growth and other contamination on the main level.
  • Visible mold growth was found in the attic space due to excessive humidity from the burst plumbing line inside the home.


Pipe burst from ceiling

Burst Pipe in Ceiling

The culprit – a frozen supply pipe

  • Home built in 1969
  • Approximately 1270 sq ft. Single family residence
  • Home has been foreclosed and vacant for some time.

Location:  Kitchen

  • Significant contents present throughout the kitchen.
  • The kitchen did not show any significant signs of water damage, however not all areas were able to be inspected due to the amount of contents present.
  • Recommend the removal and disposal of all contents.  (Includes all contents in fridge and cabinets)
  • Any building materials with visible water or mold damage should be removed and disposed of.

Location:  Living Room

  • The living room was filled with left-behind contents.  No areas of water damage were noted around any walls or windows.
  • Recommend the removal and disposal of all floor coverings.
  • Perform air scrubbing and dust removal procedures.
Sheetrock with mold growth

Mold Growth on Sheetrock

Location:  Back Bedroom – Upstairs

  • Room was filled with junk and old furniture.  Visible mold growth was observed on the exterior wall.  This is likely due to condensation from the occupant.
  • Recommend removal of any wallboard that exhibits any mold growth.

Location:  Front Bedroom – Upstairs

  • Room was filled with junk and old furniture.
  • No areas of visible water damage were noted, however, access was limited due to excessive contents.


  • Recommend the removal and disposal of all contents and furniture.
  • Recommend the removal and disposal of all floor coverings.

Location:  Hall Bathroom – Upstairs

  • The bathroom was extremely filthy and filled with debris & contents. Visible mold growth was found under the vanity sink. Damaged tiled shower surround noted.


  • Recommend removal of sink and vanity to access and remediate mold growth on the wall behind.
  • Recommend removal of tiled shower surround.

Location:  Basement Bonus Room

Basement rooms with mold growth

Mold in Basement Rooms

  • Rooms contained significant debris throughout.
  • Bubbling paint and drywall tape on ceilings indicate previous water damage.
  • Significant mold growth noted on bottom 4-6 ft of sheetrock in numerous locations throughout the rooms.

Project Report > Mold Inspection due to Burst Water Line Flood

Source of Moisture Intrusion:  Major whole house flooding due to burst water supply line.

Building Type:  Residential Construction

Remediation Required?  Yes

Inspection Notes:

  • Most of the sheetrock still in place.
  • Excessive amounts of mold growth found along bottom 2-3 feet of sheetrock in the living room.
  • Visible mold growth found on the exposed the quikrete floor in living room.
  • Some evidence of mold growth found on the base of walls in bedrooms.
  • Tub still in place in the bathroom.
  • Wet insulation is still located behind the tub/shower surround.
  • Visible watermarks noted around ceiling HVAC vent in the living room.
  • Little to no mold growth noted on exposed wall sheathing where sheetrock had been removed.
  • Vinyl flooring was still present in the kitchen. Moisture was found under the vinyl flooring still and should be removed to allow for complete drying.
  • Source of moisture appears to be a frost-burst copper supply line to the toilet.

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