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Seattle Shower Mold Inspection Reports

Below are recent inspections of shower mold issues we’ve performed in Seattle.


Project Type > Inspection & Remediation Report for Mold in a Shower

General Information

  • Homeowners removed loose tile in basement shower and found mold growth.

Hall Bath

  • Loose tiles in shower were removed by homeowner revealing mold growth and rotting framing.
  • Bathroom was the source of a previous sewage loss
  • Glued-down tiles are coming loose.
  • Mold growth was evident behind vinyl cove baseboards
  • Bathroom has not been used in more than 6 months, and no areas of elevated moisture were noted
  • Inspection with FLIR yeilded no suspicious temperature differentials
  • RH: 0% Temp: 69.3F     CO2 = 454ppm     CO = 0ppm


  • Remove all tile and damaged non-structural framing from shower.
  • Remove all sheetrock up to 24″ height due to previous sewage contamination
  • Remove all vinyl baseboard
  • Remove vanity

Laundry Room

  • History of sewage contamination on common wall to bathroom


  • Remove sheetrock to a level of 24″ height, due to previous sewage contamination