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Auburn Indoor Environmental Inspection & Remediation Services

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful region that also boasts of innovative cities. But, residents of Auburn and surrounding areas need to pay special attention to their indoor air quality.

Estimates from The Department of Health suggest that there are close to 1.2 million homes that have lead paint in Washington. Not to mention the fact that mold thrives in damp areas, which is a major characteristic of this part of the US.

Keeping an eye on the air quality inside your house will help create a safe indoor environment for all of your family members; but, simply removing the contaminants is not enough. You need to find the source of lead or excess moisture that is causing the problem and find a permanent solution at the same time.

Mold Inspections in Auburn

Auburn mold testing companies usually operate in a predictable way. They collect samples, send them to a lab, and forward the results to the client.

The problem with this type of mold inspection is that it doesn’t provide actionable information. Yes, you’ll know the type of fungi growing in your home, but it’s difficult to learn more than that from a lab test.

Our Mold Inspections

We believe that home mold inspections should serve a purpose beyond identifying the type of mold or the number of spores. Mold growth usually occurs when there is excess moisture, so the best and only way to develop a solution is to find the source of humidity.

At Environix, our team of mold inspectors uses a combination of rigorous laboratory tests and visual examinations. This allows us to identify the species of mold you’re dealing with as well as the root cause, which will help you find a definitive answer.

Auburn Mold Removal and Remediation

It’s common knowledge that a high volume of spores in your home can be hazardous to your health. And, even though mold abatement may sound like a simple task, it can be anything but.

This is the reason why our team focuses on delivering effective mold removal services in Auburn that do the job the first time.

Even though mold grows almost everywhere on earth, elevated mold spore levels reduce your indoor air quality. You can restore the environment inside your home by removing the contamination source.

Our Remediation Process

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding mold removal. Instead of removing all of the elements during a mold abatement project, experience has thought us a variety of techniques that help reduce costs while ensuring the quality of our work.

This is one of the reasons why we developed a four-step mold removal process.

Step 1 – Containment

The first step we take during every mold removal project is containing the affected area. We do this to limit the movement of the spores by using a combination of existing walls and temporary structures that prevent the airborne mold from settling in your home. Without proper containment, spores would settle throughout all areas of your house and widen our scope of work.

Step 2 – Removal

Before we begin working, our team of mold removal experts will meet with you in order to decide what materials will be completely removed and which ones you would like to salvage. In some instances, it’s necessary to discard some items, like rotting wood for example. Other items that may seem lost can actually be recuperated, so we work with you to decide which items are worth restoring before we start.

  • Some examples of materials we recover include:
  • Non-upholstered furniture
  • Tile flooring and shower elements
  • Hard plastic and metal items
  • Frames and photos
  • Sheetrock with limited mold growth

Step 3 – Cleaning

Next, we move onto the cleaning phase of the mold abatement process. This is the most important part of the mold abatement project, so it usually takes longer than the removal stage. Our Auburn mold specialists use a series of techniques that include HEPA vacuuming, damp wiping, steam cleaning, and encapsulating to prevent any future growth.

Step 4 – Verification

Lastly, our team verifies the success of the project through environmental testing or visual inspections, depending on the area where the mold was removed from.

Lead Inspections in Auburn

Lead exposure can have a detrimental effect on the human body in both children and adults. Our team of Auburn lead testing professionals aims to help you identify any sources of contamination in your home and provide effective recommendations for solving the problem.

All of our inspectors carry the Lead Risk Assessor certification, which allows them to discuss the hazard associated with this metal. Not only this, but we can also provide recommendations on how to improve the conditions in your home, adding value to our lead inspection services.

Lead Paint Testing

We carry out lead-based paint testing to identify hazardous coatings without actually exposing the contaminants. But, it’s important to note that paint isn’t the only possible source of lead contamination.

Lead Soil Testing

Lead soil testing allows you to identify contaminated soil around your house. Our team can carry out a series of onsite and offsite tests to help verify the presence of lead in the soil around your house.





  • Client has noticed an odor coming from the top of the stairs and the basement itself.  She has just purchased the home and has hired Environix to find the cause of the odor and bring solutions to solve them.


  • This single family 2 story residential property was built in 1992 and is 2,610 ft².

CAUSE OF MOLD and/or Odor:

  • Odor is being caused by a lack of ventilation in the crawl space along with some missing vapor barrier directly under the stairs.



Success Stories

"Through the whole mess though, I must say that the Environix people have done a terrific job and have been incredibly helpful with any of my questions and/or requests. Thank you and your company for all the help! It is greatly appreciated!"

– Barbara L.