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Why We're Different


We love what we do. From our front office staff to our inspectors and field techs, we are driven by a passion to solve people’s indoor environmental issues.


Most companies are content to simply clean up the contamination without fixing the source of the problem. That doesn’t make much sense to us. We won’t start a project until we know we can solve the problem permanently.


Our line of work often places us in the middle of two competing interests. Landlords vs. tenants, owners vs. contractors.  We’re great at navigating these challenges and delivering solutions that work for everyone.

We're Very Good At What We Do

We started this business with a single goal in mind:  Dramatically raise the bar for the indoor environmental industry.  We’re proud of our accomplishments – we quickly became the # 1 rated company and we’ve retained the position every year.  But we’re not finished yet…


Success Stories

"Thanks Brian. Very thorough report and David was great to work with. I’ll be recommending your company to others I know that are dealing with potential mold issues in their homes."

– Sean G.

"Thanks Kathy. I appreciate your help in getting that set up. I was very impressed by Dustin. "

– Kelly R.

"Thanks so much for helping us get this taken care of and being so patient with us. Also, my husband asked me to send you a note to let you know how impressed he was with the guys work and professionalism. He thought they were great."

– Diane H.

"Thank you, David. I am sorry I didn’t use your company’s service first but, I had confidence that our roofing company could do the job. Maybe a note from customers like me could prevent such an incident. Please, know that I am extremely pleased with your report & your company’s thoroughness."

– Darlene S.

"I'm very happy with the recommendations that were provided. We've opted to do the work ourselves and are very pleased with the results. In the future, I will gladly recommend your services to others. Thanks again."

– John T.

"Thank you for the great service provided yesterday. David provided an incredible service. He promptly arrived at time, he was very attentive to questions asked, he identified the problem and was very professional in answering questions and handling the issue. David also spoke with me on the phone and repeated what was explained to my relatives during his visit. He handled his service at the highest professional level.
We greatly appreciate your incredible service and would recommend your service to all our friends and family when they need this type of service."

– Karina G.

"From all we can tell, your workers did a great job on our attic and we will be using your services in the future if needed. "

– Ian H.

"I’m super impressed with my whole experience with your company - each step and interaction has exceeded my expectations. From the first inspection, through our correspondence in getting an estimate and scheduling the appointment, and working with your crew for the final treatment, I felt that each person was thoughtful, professional, and thorough in their work. Although I believe many companies try to meet those goals, few ever do. This level of quality is an achievement. My experience was so good, I almost want the mold to come back…In all seriousness, thank you for doing such a great job!"

– Joe H.

"Great, thank you so much! It was a pleasure working with you all!"

– Andrey A.

"Thanks a million (at least)!!! I expected to have the technician just take a look, as we discussed, and then we'd figure out what to do next, etc. It was such a fantastic surprise to come home to everything all taken care of! Good lord, I don't know how you pulled it off- I didn't think there were any companies in this crowded area anymore who can take care of something so fast.
Thank you thank you! We are definitely customers for life....though I must say I dearly hope not to actually need environmental clean up services again!"

– Kirsten E.

"We were very impressed with your inspection. I feel that it was definitely money well spent and am very impressed with your report and recommendations. Thank you again for your excellent service and advice."

– Janice B.

"Thanks for the quick response. I have you guys on my list of companies to refer now if any of my future clients has mold issues. You've been great to work with."

– Ruth S.

"Through the whole mess though, I must say that the Environix people have done a terrific job and have been incredibly helpful with any of my questions and/or requests. Thank you and your company for all the help! It is greatly appreciated!"

– Barbara L.

"Thanks Jodie! I also wanted to say that the guys who came out here were SUPER professional. They didn't leave a mark on our house and I know it was a dirty and large job. They were really nice and explained everything well. I'll recommend your company to everyone who needs this service and to the other townhouses in our HOA so people know where to call."

– Connie T.

"I really appreciated your presentation today, in particular the non-alarmist approach to moisture and mold problems, and the ways to look for and solve particular issues."

– Jeanette W.

"Thanks very much. I am relieved that this part of the process is over and thank you so much for the job you did. I will definitely leave a 5 star review on the Angie’s List website for you. You’ve been very easy to work with and very professional and I’m glad to have chosen your company from the website."

– Greg S.

"Thank you Tim. Your inspection helped us make an informed decision not to buy a condo that was such a fixer, especially when the seller wouldn't bring the price down farther to accommodate the expensive repairs. We really appreciate your expertise and willingness to explain everything so we could make an informed choice. Thanks for your professionalism, and you have also gained a new referring real estate agent!"

– Adrienne C.

"Thank you. You are on my great vendor list. Your quick response was greatly appreciated."

– Dave S.

"Jodie - You can be sure that I will review Environix very favorably on Angie's list.  It isn't often that a contractor discovers that the bid included too much and gives you the difference!  Thank you.  I hope that my review brings in enough business to more than cover the credit you gave me on this job."

– Hugh F.

"Just letting you guys know it looks great up there. Impressed all around by you all and we thank you again!"

– Andrew D.

"You guys are awesome. I found out about you from a Windermere agent and all I can do is smile. You cost less. You are more environmental. And your customer service is way better. I am a home inspector and every chance I get I say 'you should check with Environix.'"

– Bob G.

"Wow! This report is so detailed and the quality of your inspection is SO much better than the one I previously paid for with a different company. "

– Larkin M.

"Thank you, and your staff, for the prompt attic remediation. I completed my part last evening with the installation of a new Whisper Green bathroom fan. It really is quiet! Within our family, grandma is selling her house to grandson. We asked you to help, not just for the lender, but for ourselves as well. The family thanks you, Jeff, and the men. We will recommend your firm to others."

– John M.

"Thank you so much Jodie. Thanks for the good news on air sample and thank you for not increasing our costs. You all were a pleasure to work with and very thorough and I will leave you and your company good reviews online and make sure to refer your company to any work physician colleagues or friends that come along."

– Joshua R.

"Thank you for all of the information you provided me and the quick scheduling for our inspection. You are a perfect first impression for Environix! (Something hard to find these days!)
You were correct—Tim was great. I will certainly use the company again."

– Betty M.

"Thank you for passing along that documentation. It's going right in the file with the other invoices. I really appreciate you following up so quickly and being such a big help in getting our attic issues resolved. You and everyone we've worked with at Environix have been terrific."

– Kathleen M.

"Thank you so much for helping us today. Tim was knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with."

– Thomas B.

"Thank you so much for the excellent customer service. Ever since buying this house a few months ago, I've had to have service after service completed on the house, and not all companies are so focused on providing the best customer service possible. So I really appreciate that Environix not only provides top notch work on the actual job, but provides a painless and least intrusive experience possible for something that's so awful (the mold)."

– Diana N.

"Thanks so much! Dustin did a great job! It was truly appreciated."

– Lesley G.

"Steve was greatly relieved talking to Jeff. Trusted him and felt reassured. You guys are wonderful."

– Kelly W.

"Thank you for the report. WOW! Very thorough and educational, very worth the money."

– Francis O.

"Thank you very much! Alan did indeed send me the report. I appreciate you guys -- it must be gratifying to do what you do and help people solve serious problems that can have profound consequences to their health, homes, and businesses."

– Eddie A.

"Many thanks, Katheryn. Be well and safe. A very good experience doing business with your firm. Thanks!"

– H. Jewell

"Thank you. You, and the staff at Environix have been great to work with - from beginning to end. I hope I can recommend your company to others that may need similar services. We appreciate the courtesy and professionalism that we have received from Environix."

– Steve T.

"Thanks, Katheryn; much appreciated. Jeff did a thorough inspection and represented your firm very well. I'm going to absorb his report over the next couple of days and then get back to you by this coming Tuesday to get Environix's part of the work scheduled and moving forward. Please have yourself a good weekend. Be well and safe."

– Herb J.

"We were very pleased with the excellent service that Environix provided. They expertly diagnosed the situation and developed a plan to correct it."

– Miller K.

"They were great to work with and were very prompt and did a great job. I would highly recommend them."

– Susan G.

"The technician was professional, courteous, and very sharp in assessing the source of the mold."

– Kirk S.

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