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Celebrating 18 Years of Serving Western Washington

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Why We're Different


We love what we do. From our front office staff to our inspectors and field techs, we are driven by a passion to solve people’s indoor environmental issues.


Most companies are content to simply clean up the contamination without fixing the source of the problem. That doesn’t make much sense to us. We won’t start a project until we know we can solve the problem permanently.


Our line of work often places us in the middle of two competing interests. Landlords vs. tenants, owners vs. contractors.  We’re great at navigating these challenges and delivering solutions that work for everyone.

We're Very Good At What We Do

We started this business with a single goal in mind:  Dramatically raise the bar for the indoor environmental industry.  We’re proud of our accomplishments – we quickly became the # 1 rated company and we’ve retained the position every year.  But we’re not finished yet…

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Success Stories

"This morning Michael from your company completed mold remediation work in my house. I am so impressed with him that I want to let you know. I already liked Michael from the first few minutes of his arrival. He was on time, polite, friendly, and got right to work.

When he was leaving he showed photos of all the work that was done. He mentioned four baffles that were important to replace. The roofer who was here last month was supposed to replace them but apparently didn’t. I was so disappointed because I “wanted this whole roof situation done” and I thought today would be the day.

Michael said he would call someone to decide what should be done. He wasn’t able to reach the person he was trying to call, so he just went ahead and got some baffles from the truck and finished the job right away. The baffles were not your company’s mistake, and I so appreciate that he made that decision on his own and made my day by “getting this whole roof situation done”.

Michael, along with others from your company such as Dustin and Sarah, have been a pleasure to work with. Your team does good work!"

– Diane G.

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