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Indoor Environmental Inspection & Remediation Services for Seattle's Most Demanding Customers

Seattle Indoor Inspection AwardEven though Seattle is one of the most innovative and beautiful cities in the United States, residents of the Emerald City still need their home inspected to make sure no dangerous chemicals or materials are affecting their family.

The presence of asbestos, VOCs, and other pollutants is not always obvious, and a professional inspection company is needed to help you create a safe indoor environment for your home.

At Environix, we provide a full range of indoor inspection, testing, and remediation services that will identify and remove these hazardous contaminants. Create a safe and healthy environment for your loved ones today!

Seattle Asbestos Testing

The word asbestos describes a group of six minerals that were commonly found in manufactured goods until the late 1980s. These minerals are fire and chemical resistant, they can be woven, and have high ductile strength. While this may seem extremely useful, asbestos also releases fibers that can settle in the lining of the lungs and cause severe health conditions.

Testing for asbestos is extremely important, especially if your house was built before 1990. This material can be present in different parts of your house such as roof shingles, pipes, floor tiles, and even old car transmissions. If you are wondering how to test for asbestos, get in touch with us and our team will be glad to help.

Chemical & VOC Testing

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals can have a detrimental effect on the quality of the air in your house. These chemicals can come from a variety of sources, so finding the root cause and taking care of the emissions can help restore your indoor environment.

VOCs are organic compounds that turn into gas or vapor easily. Some are released during combustion of certain materials, while others come from paints, glues, and other solvents. Many VOC chemicals are considered hazardous air pollutants because they contribute to the formation of smog and the overall decay of the ozone layer.

Aside from affecting the environment, these dangerous gases can also cause nausea, loss of coordination, and recurring headaches. VOC testing in Seattle will analyze the environment and find a reliable solution for restoring the air quality in your home.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Mold, particulate matter, asbestos, and other types of indoor air pollution in Seattle can have a negative effect on your health. Despite the fact that some owners don’t focus on the environment in their homes, it’s an integral part of creating a safe space for your family.

The most common health complications associated with poor indoor air quality are asthma and allergies. But, those who have compromised immune systems or severe allergies may experience more intense symptoms.

Indoor air quality testing will help determine whether the environment in your home is acceptable or if you need to work on improving the air inside your home.

Mold Inspection & Testing

Even though all houses are different, most mold problems stem from excess humidity. Standard inspectors focus on collecting samples and identifying the species you’re dealing with, but the only way to find a long-term solution is to locate the source of the unwanted moisture.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a leaky pipe or poor insulation, our team of Seattle mold inspectors will help you find the source of the problem. Then, we’ll come up with a permanent solution that restores the air quality in your house and prevents the mold from coming back.

Mold Remediation

Cleaning jobs tend to be straightforward, except if you’re talking about mold of course. Removing this type of fungus is actually a complicated task because its spores can settle throughout your house and cause even bigger problems later on.

For this reason, we created a four-step approach that allows us to clean the affected area without compromising the rest of your home. We can help restore the environment in your house and provide permanent treatments that keep mold growth at bay.

If you need mold removal services in Seattle, get in touch with Environix and our team of experts will be glad to assist you.

Lead Testing

As you probably know, lead is a type of metal that was commonly found in consumer goods until a few decades ago. Today, this dangerous material is no longer used to produce everyday products, but it still poses a threat to millions of families in Washington.

Our Seattle lead inspectors carry the Lead Risk Assessor certification, so we can conduct testing and give you recommendations to help remove this metal from your home.

Lead paint testing needs to be carried out in different parts of your home including windowsills, ceilings, and floors. Not only this, but soil lead testing also needs to be performed in different parts of your outdoor spaces to make sure all areas of your home are safe.

There are many health conditions that are associated with lead exposure, so get in touch with us and schedule an appointment with our inspectors today.

Find a Reliable Indoor Environment Testing and Remediation Company in Seattle

There are many different chemicals and pollutants that can reduce the quality of your indoor environment. By working with a professional company, you can identify the problems in your house and find permanent treatments that create a safe space for your family. If you need to find a reliable testing and remediation company in Seattle, get in touch with Environix and schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

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