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We take a different approach

The only way to guarantee results is to take responsibility for the entire process.   From the initial site survey to the final prevention steps, we are accountable for delivering permanent solutions for our clients.

There’s no blame shifting or pointing fingers if the problem comes back.  We simply take responsibility and fix the issue.

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We put integrity before profits.

Crawlspace Mold – March 2017.

Client found suspected mold growth on the underside of the sub floor in the crawlspace. We were hired to investigate the mold growth and provide a remediation bid. Based on the client’s description, we projected a cleanup cost of around $4,000. The client readily agreed to the pricing and was ready to proceed.

Yet during our inspection we noticed the pattern of mold growth pointed to a mold issue that occurred during the original construction, not a recent issue. Most companies would have happily kept this fact to themselves and accepted the $4,000 payment for unnecessary remediation. But that is not how we operate. Out integrity is everything. We told the client that remediation was not necessary and we retracted our bid.

Mold growth on subfloor behind insulation.

Mold growth on subfloor behind insulation.