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Bainbridge Island Indoor Inspection & Remediation Services

Our team of lead inspectors and mold remediation professionals has years of experience providing quality services in Bainbridge Island. One thing that residents of Bainbridge Island have to keep in mind is the quality of the air inside their house.

According to national organizations, there are more than 1.2 million homes in Washington that have lead paint. Moreover, due to elevated humidity levels, mold is also an extremely common problem in this part of the country.

Both mold and lead contamination can have a detrimental effect on your indoor air, so having your house inspected for either of these pollutants is a must. And, if the test results indicate that any or both of these are present, you need to act fast and find the best way to safely remove them from your house.

If you believe you may have mold or lead contamination in any part of your house, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Mold Removal

Although the main goal of mold removals is to eradicate the presence of mold, this process may not be as simple as it sounds. We train our team members to effectively remove any signs of mold in your house, but they also aim to deliver outstanding customer service. We use efficient remediation techniques that keep costs low, resulting in the best possible experience for our customers.

Mold is a type of fungus that grows naturally in environments that have excess humidity. It’s safe to say that mold can be present everywhere, so aside from sterilized hospital rooms, it’s impossible to remove all spores from any given area.

However, having an excessive concentration of mold in your house can have a negative effect on your family’s health and the overall indoor air quality. The best way to take care of this problem is to remove the excess, locate the source of the problem, and find a long-term fix.

We’ve designed a four-step mold abatement method that helps us restore the parts of your house that have been damaged by unwanted mold growth.

We start by creating a barrier that isolates the affected area. Then, our contractors start cleaning out the mold and removing any damaged materials that can’t be restored. Once the cleaning and removal stages are completed, we run a variety of tests to verify that the project was a success.

Bainbridge Island Mold Testing and Inspections

Deciding to get your house tested for mold is a fantastic idea, but you have to make sure that the assessment serves a purpose. Conventional mold testing companies usually collect a few samples, order lab tests, and send these to the client without any further explanation of what they mean. At Environix, we believe that mold inspections should also provide a breakdown of the problem as well as a set of permanent solutions.

It’s important to understand where a mold problem comes from in order to prevent any future infestations. While they do serve a purpose, a laboratory test by itself will not show you the root cause of the issue. Areas with high humidity are usually the culprits, but you have to find the exact location and take care of the leak or water damage in order to prevent future growth.

For this reason, our team of seasoned Bainbridge mold specialists carries out a full visual inspection to go along with our lab tests, both of which will help you and us take care of the problem permanently.

Lead Testing and Inspections

The human race has used lead for more than six centuries. But, in the late 1970s, researched observed the negative effects that this metal can have on our bodies. Today, lead is banned from consumer products, but it was a popular ingredient in paints, fuels, and other items up until only a few decades ago.

There are many health issues associated with lead, which can affect both children and adults. Working with a Bainbridge lead testing company will allow you to test several parts of your house and ensure that it doesn’t contain lead residue in the paint or soil.

Keep in mind that standard lead testing companies can only run exams and forward the results to you. Fortunately, at Environix, all of our inspectors have received the Lead Risk Assessor training, so they can provide tips and best practices to get the contaminants safely removed from your house.

Lead testing in Bainbridge can be carried out on the paint layers throughout the different parts of your house. What’s more, our team of reliable lead inspection professionals will also test the soil outside of your house to ensure there is no residue from fuel contamination as well.

Inspection Report from Bainbridge Island


  • Mold growth appears on the ceiling in the bathroom; even after it is cleaned off it returns.


  • This single family 2 story residential property was built in 1997 and is 2,826 ft².


  • The cause of the mold growth is condensation. The condensation is due to elevated humidity in the home and in particularly within the bathrooms.


Home air quality inspection

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