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Mold Inspection Reports from Bothell

Below are recent mold inspection projects we’ve completed in the Bothell area.  These reports can help provide you with an idea of the issues we typically encounter in your region.

Project Type > Mold Inspection on Flooring in Residential Home in Bothell



  • Client was recently removing flooring in newly purchased home and they uncovered some discolored subfloor.  Environix hired to inspect the flooring for mold growth and elevated moisture.


  • This single family 2 story residential property was built in 2000 and is 2148 ft².
  • The home is equipped with vinyl framed double paned windows with no evidence of condensation or mold problems.


  • Relative humidity levels are normal. Generally, indoor RH levels should remain under 55% or under 50% in homes with poorly insulated exterior walls.
  • CO2 levels are normal. While not a direct health problem, elevated CO2 levels are an indication of stale indoor air and poor ventilation. This can lead to a buildup of pollutants and humidity, which can cause mold growth.
  • Home is inadequately heated. A minimum indoor temp of 65ºF must be maintained to minimize excessive humidity and mold growth.


Subfloor is discolored from what appears to be a previous flood.

Subfloor is discolored from what appears to be a previous flood.

Subfloor is dry.

Subfloor is dry.



LOCATION: Crawlspace


  • Vapor barrier missing in small areas. Exposed areas of soil in the crawlspace allow significant quantities of water vapor to migrate upward into the home, increasing the relative humidity. Additionally, exposed areas of soil often allow odors to move upward into the home.
  • Evidence of rodent activity was noted in crawlspace. Contaminated insulation and vapor barrier may harbor bacteria, parasites and odors due to rodent feces, urine, and other associated debris


  • A pest control specialist is necessary to provide a plan to resolve the current infestation and prevent future pest infestations.
  • Consider adjusting the placement of the vapor barrier to cover all exposed soil.