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Mold Remediation Reports from Monroe

Project Type > Mold Inspection for Remediation on a Home Prior to Purchase


Reason for inspection:

  • Client is interested in purchasing the home but the appraiser found mold growth in the basement. Client requested an inspection to determine the extent of the mold and to provide a cost for remediation.


  • Home built in 1924


Moldy Room in Basement

Moldy Room in Basement

Mold Extends Around Sides

Mold Extends Around Sides

Mold on wall

Mold on Concrete Wall

Efflorescence On Wall

Efflorescence On Wall

Previously Damaged Downspout

Previously Damaged Downspout


Moisture and Gas Measurements

LOCATION:  Basement


  • A small, unfinished room was present against the south facing wall of the home. This room was composed largely of unfinished sheetrock and a sheet-foam type of material on the interior surfaces.
  • Bottom 4 ft of sheetrock of this room was covered in mold growth. No elevated moisture levels were present in the sheetrock at the time of inspection.  This indicates the likelihood of the mold being caused by a one-time water intrusion event.
  • A downspout was found to be just outside this window and may have been the actual source of the moisture. Downspout has since been repaired and does not appear to pose any further problem.
  • Inspection of the concrete wall inside the unfinished room revealed heavy mold growth primarily below the window. It is possible the majority of water may have come through this window to cause the mold growth noted on the walls.
  • Some minor mold growth was found on some old contents that were found stored in the basement. This appears to be due to poor ventilation and high relative humidity levels causing condensation to form on these stored items.
  • Remainder of basement did not show any other significant mold growth.
  • Moderate amounts of efflorescence were noted along the mortar of the concrete block foundation along the front of the home.
  • Basement also contained a dehumidifier and a small sump pump which were both functional at the time of inspection.


  • Remove all sheetrock and sheet-foam material from the unfinished room.
  • Remove all three-dimensional mold growth from all exposed framing via HEPA vacuum, wire brush and/or hand sanding.


Lab Results 1


  • Probable Amplification: At least one of the fungi tested was collected at levels significantly above the threshold, indicating a site of probable mold amplification and growth.  Based on EMLab data, the fungi in question reaches these levels in outside control samples less than 10% of the time.  Please refer to the attached report for more detailed information.


  • Remove all sheetrock and moldy materials using standard mold remediation guidelines and appropriate personal protective equipment.


  • Tape Lift:

Tape Lift Results