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Lynnwood Lead Testing & Inspection Services

Besides collecting samples and running tests, you should aim to find a lead testing expert in Lynnwood that can also discuss the different risks and solutions you have available.

Regardless if you’re simply trying to establish a healthy environment or looking to remodel part of your house, accurately testing lead concentrations is critical to the safety of your family. Our team of seasoned experts at Environix has the tools and know-how to test lead levels in your house and discuss the potential abatement options at your disposal.


Testing Lead Levels in Lynnwood

Most Lynnwood-based lead testing contractors are only qualified to collect samples but are not trained to discuss the possible problems and solutions homeowners have available. Our entire team of inspectors is certified as Lead Risk Assessors, so all of our inspectors can give you an overview of the possible threats associated with high lead concentrations.

Not only this, but our team can also discuss the options you have to establish a healthier environment for your entire family.


Paint Lead Inspection

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), effective lead paint inspection requires a complete surface-to-surface examination to determine if a house contains lead paint.

At the same time, the inspection should determine the exact location of the paint, regardless of if it’s on the interior or exterior of your house. The three EPA-approved lead testing services are lead hazard screen, risk assessment, and paint inspection.


Paint Testing

The three main types of lead testing techniques can be classified into paint chip sampling, XRF testing, and swab-style kits for DIYers.

Paint Chip Sampling

Previously known as the standard method for testing lead concentrations, paint chip sampling is only suitable for small areas that only require two samples at the most. Paint chip sampling is considered destructive as samples are collected by scraping or sanding, forcefully exposing the potential source of lead.

X-Ray Flourescent Testing

Simply known as XRF testing, this method is widely considered as the most effective. XRF testing uses a powerful device that emits concentrated x-rays. Then, it measures the secondary x-rays that come from the tested materials to determine the composition of the surface.

X-ray fluorescence testing provides accurate, immediate results without relying on invasive techniques or exposing the suspected source of lead.

DIY Kits

Swab-style kits and other DIY methods are widely available at hardware stores. However, these tend to be inaccurate when determining the presence of lead in your house. The EPA has recently identified the fact that these kits regularly provide erroneous results, which has prompted the organization to revise its previous recommendations.


Testing Soil Lead Levels

Children have a lot of energy and spend a significant amount of time playing on the floor. This is also true for green spaces like your backyard or garden. Unfortunately, lead concentrations in the soil can quickly become a problem, especially for younger children who are more likely to ingest dirt.

Large-Scale Industrial Operations

Certain industrial processes can release a significant amount of lead into the atmosphere, which eventually settles in nearby locations. For instance, Asarco Inc. is a company based in Ruston, Tacoma and is a known source of region-wide lead pollution.

Leaded Fuel

Although they were prohibited in the mid-1980s, leaded fossil fuels generated lead emissions that contaminated the soil for decades. For this reason, soil lead concentrations around highways and busy roads tend to be significantly higher than other areas.

Decaying Paint

When lead-based paint chips or falls off it can contaminate the soil around the building. This is the reason why concentration levels tend to be much higher in soil that is located 2 to 3 feet away from a building.


The Importance of Lead Testing in Your Home

According to the EPA, lead is a dangerous natural element that can have adverse effects on human health. The Department of Health estimates that there are about 1.2 million homes that have lead-based paint in Washington State, so having a professional inspect and test your house is critical for the well-being of your family.

There are many health complications associated with the ingestion or inhalation of lead. These symptoms may vary in severity depending on the exposure levels and can include anemia, hearing problems, nervous system complications, and fertility problems in adults.

In addition to the above, children may also experience stunted growth, attention problems, behavioral anomalies, and learning difficulties.


Choosing a Dependable Lead Inspection and Testing Contractor

Environix has a team of experienced lead testing Lynnwood professionals that can help you understand the threats associated with this element and discuss all possible alternatives you have available.

Get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form or by giving us a call and create a safer house for your family today!