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Mold Removal & Remediation for the Lynnwood Area

There are several myths and misconceptions surrounding mold, so finding a reliable mold remediation expert is critical to the health of you and your family. Besides using science-based techniques to eradicate unwanted mold growth, your Lynnwood mold removal expert should also offer honest, competitive prices that fit your budget.

Potential Health Effects of Uncontrolled Mold Growth

While some types of molds produce mycotoxins, the health hazards associated with this type of fungi are actually related to the respiratory system. Molds have a reputation for causing rare diseases and dangerous conditions, but these claims don’t usually have any scientific base.

That said, the allergenic effects of mold on the human body have been well-documented throughout the years. According to the Institute of Medicine, there is evidence linking exposure to high indoor mold concentrations to wheeze, cough, and other respiratory symptoms in healthy individuals.

At the same time, exposure to mold may cause asthma symptoms in asthmatic people, respiratory complications in otherwise healthy children, and could potentially generate severe complications for people that have compromised immune systems.

Why is Mold So Difficult to Remove?

The concept of mold removal may be simple, but in practice, it’s an extremely complicated process. Spores are everywhere, so effective mold remediation techniques should never aim to remove all the airborne fungi. Even if you managed to completely get rid of mold in your Lynnwood home, more spores would enter the air within a few hours.

Instead of trying to extract all the spores, mold remediation should aim to remove the main source and clean the affected area. Besides preventing further damage, this will also help improve your indoor air quality and reduce the chances of developing symptoms associated with mold exposure.

Environix Mold Remediation and Removal

At Environix, we provide comprehensive mold removal and remediation services in Lynnwood that help you create a healthy environment for your family. We use a four-step approach that maximizes efficiency while allowing us to provide a cost-effective solution for our customers.

Create a Containment Area

The main goal of containing an area is to prevent the excessive spreading of spores throughout your home. By using a combination of existing elements, negative pressurization devices, and temporary structures, we can create a containment area that lets us remediate the mold without compromising other parts of your home.

Identify and Eliminate Waste Material

Contrary to popular belief, successful mold removal projects don’t require disposal of all the affected materials. Our contractors work with our clients to decide which materials to dispose of and which ones can actually be restored. Most people are happy to dispose of area rugs, books, and stuffed animals, but we can also clean and restore items that have emotional value.

Some examples include:

  • Appliances and electronic equipment
  • Non-upholstered furniture
  • Items made of metals and hard plastics
  • Family photos and heirlooms

Cleaning the Affected Area

In many cases, the cleaning step of the process takes longer than the removal of the damaged materials. Mold spores are invisible to the naked eye, so the cleaning process needs to effectively address both airborne and surface spores alike. We divide this part of the process into four steps, depending on the surface or area being cleaned. These four steps are:

  • HEPA Vacuuming
  • Damp Wiping
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Encapsulating

Testing and Verification

It’s very difficult to determine the success of a Lynnwood mold removal project with a visual inspection alone. There are different techniques available to ascertain the success of your project, depending on whether the remediation was carried out in the interior of your house or in an unconditioned area.

The mold spore levels can be verified via a tape lift test in unconditioned areas or via a nonviable air sampling combined with a visual inspection for interior remediation.

Contacting a Reliable Mold Removal Expert in Lynnwood

Finding a trustworthy mold removal expert in Lynnwood will help you create a healthy environment for your family.

At Environix, we have been delivering high-quality mold testing, removal, and remediation services for more than 15 years. Our team of Lynnwood mold abatement professionals employs state-of-the-art technology to effectively identify and remediate unwanted growth around your home.

Contact us by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form and our team of mold removal experts will be glad to help you out!

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Case Study: Mold Removal Report for a Home with Water Damage



  • Client found water damaged sheetrock in the basement and was concerned about mold growth inside the walls.


  • This single family 2 story residential property was built in 1990 and is 3665 ft².


  • Water damage was from an improperly flashed exterior deck.


Mold removal lynnwood

Water Damaged Sheetrock On Exterior Wall Only

Water Damaged Sheetrock On Exterior Wall Only

Mold Growth Noted on Back Side of Sheetrock

Mold Growth Noted on Back Side of Sheetrock

Minimal Damage and Moisture Noted in Ceiling

Minimal Damage and Moisture Noted in Ceiling

LOCATION:  Basement

General Observations:

  • Elevated moisture detected above sliding glass door. Evidence of peeling drywall tape was noted in this area as well.
  • A 2” x 2” hole was cut into the wall during the inspection. Visible mold observed on back side of wall.
  • The source of the moisture appears to be leaking flashing along the exterior deck.

General Recommendations:

  • A restoration contractor has been contacted to address the leaking flashing and remove damaged siding and sheathing from the exterior of the home.
  • Professional mold remediation is necessary to properly address the existing mold growth and to prevent cross contamination. During remediation, HEPA filtration, negative air pressurization and proper personal protective equipment must be utilized. Please see attached pricing.
  • Set up a containment area.
  • Cover the carpet to protect from demolition debris and mold spores.
  • Remove trim in the affected area.
  • Remove gypsum wall board in the affected area.
  • Remove wet insulation in the affected area.
  • HEPA vacuum the wall cavity and interior of containment area.
  • Operated one dehumidifier and one air mover inside the containment area for 3 days to dry the affected building materials.