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Realtor Training

Indoor Environmental Training for Realtors

Tired of mold issues killing your deals?  Our training provides realtors with the knowledge necessary to navigate the murky waters of indoor environmental issues.

Feedback from recent training

Gayle Campbell – Windermere Snohomish

“We loved James and the presentation! He hit on all kinds of issues! He is so knowledgeable and I think we could have listened to him for even longer. He really takes the scare out of mold. Thanks for coming!!”

Julie Barrows – Windermere Mercer Island

“James was great. Awesome photos and info. Great discussion. Everyone loved it. It might be worthy of doing a longer segment as a special meeting next time instead of in the office meeting so that there is less of a time constraint.”

Rick Costello – CBBain Redmond

“James is always great the information was helpful and his reach out to the brokers to contact him if there are client concerns or questions was great and well received. Thanks again for his as usual great presentation.”

Sandra Levin – John L. Scott Mercer Island

“Thank you so much for coming out today to our meeting. It was fantastic to have you
here. We all really appreciate your knowledge and your presentation was fantastic. Thank you again
for your time”

Training topics

  • Does your client really need a new roof?  Determine when it’s really necessary.
  • Mold & health exposure – separating the fact from the fiction
  • Asbestos – how to reduce (and often eliminate) the cost of abatement
  • How to spot home inspector mistakes


Asbestos training – how to turn a positive result into a negative one

(forgive the audio quality – the questions from the audience are difficult to hear)


Mold in crawl spaces.  Common mistakes home inspectors make.