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Glossary of Mold Related Terms


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Fabric Filter

A cloth that catches dust particles.


Physical or metal exhaustion; weariness; tiredness.

Flash Point

The lowest temperature at which a combustible liquid or gas gives off a flammable vapor that will burn when exposed to an open flame.

Flow Hood

Device that easily measures airflow quantity, typically up to 2,500 cfm

Flue Gas

The air coming out of a chimney after combustion in the burner it is venting.


Applying a liquid chemical by rapidly heating it to form fine droplets that resemble smoke or fog.


Square Feet.


Airborne particles, usually less than 1 micrometer in size, formed by condensation of vapors, sublimation, distillation, calcination or chemical reaction.


A biocide that is vaporized to kill pests. Used indoors or outdoors.


A group of organisms that lack chlorophyll, including molds, mildews, yeasts, mushrooms. They receive their nutrition from decomposing organic matter. Some cause disease in humans.


Biocides used to control, prevent, or kill fungi.