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Bellevue Indoor Environmental Inspection & Remediation Services

The Pacific Northwest is home to astounding landscapes and thriving cities, but residents of this beautiful area also have to watch their indoor air quality levels. Mold thrives in damp areas, and estimates suggest that lead paint is present in more than 1 million homes in Washington.

This is why our main goal is to help you create a healthy indoor environment for your family. We believe that finding the root cause and establishing an effective action plan is just as important as identifying the type of indoor contaminant in your home.


Mold Inspection & Testing Services in Bellevue

Finding a reliable Bellevue mold testing company goes beyond getting test results. Mold inspection and testing should come with explanations and solutions. Getting your house tested for mold is a great decision, but you also need to make sure it will serve its full purpose.

To get the most out of mold testing, you also have to make sure you identify the source of the problem. A lab test alone won’t give you the answers you need, but a combination of thorough on-site home mold inspections and lab tests can help solve the problem once and for all.

Excess moisture is usually at the root of a mold problem. High moisture in poorly ventilated areas creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive; therefore, fixing the humidity problem is just as important as removing the harmful contaminants.

Our team of professional inspectors uses a unique approach that identifies the source of the problem. Then, we provide a set of solutions to guarantee the problem won’t be back.


Mold Removal & Remediation

At Environix, our team doesn’t only focus on delivering a great experience to all of our customers; we follow a meticulous mold abatement protocol that employs high-efficiency techniques, resulting in lower costs for you.

Mold occurs naturally, and its spores can be found virtually everywhere. Unless referring to sterilized environments inside of laboratories and hospitals, removing all the mold from an area is impossible.

That said, a high volume of mold spores can have a significant impact on your air quality, and removing the contamination source can help restore your indoor environment.

Our mold removal service consists of a four-part approach that allows us to effectively eliminate the affected materials. The first step is to contain the area that’s infested by mold. This is important because it limits the scope of our work and drastically reduces the number of spores settling in your house.

After containment is completed, we focus on removing the damaged materials and cleaning the space. Both of these steps are critical, and surprisingly enough, the cleaning can take even longer than the removal process.

Lastly, we use a series of tests to verify the results, ensuring that the remediation project was completed successfully. The exact testing method will be different depending on variables such as the area affected and the remediation techniques put in place.


Our Remediation Process

The concept behind mold removal may seem simple, but it’s actually a complicated procedure. Our Bellevue mold specialists can isolate, take out the contaminated materials, clean, and test the affected area without costing you a small fortune.

And yes, we also guarantee the quality of our work!


Lead Testing & Inspections

Humans have been using lead for more than 6,000 years, but it wasn’t until the early 1980s that modern medicine identified the real threats associated with this metal. Since then, this element has been banned from products like gasoline and paint, but it continues to pose a threat today.

Lead can cause a series of health complications in both children and adults. Similarly to mold, it’s important to get a Bellevue lead testing company that can also provide solutions to improve the quality of your indoor environment.

Standard inspectors can only collect samples, send them for testing, and deliver the results without ever providing advice. This is why all of our inspectors carry the Lead Risk Assessor certification, a title that allows them to provide tips and best practices to take care of the issue.

Due to the fact that lead may be present in paint and the soil around your house, several tests need to be carried out in different areas. Lead-based paint testing can identify contaminated coatings and soil examinations can determine if there are dangerous outdoor levels.

Lead paint testing is usually carried out in walls, windowsills, doors, ceilings, and even floors when applicable. On the other hand, soil tests can be carried out immediately or sent into a lab for a more comprehensive analysis.


  • Client has tenants living the basement of their home and requested an inspection due to mold being recently discovered.
  • Numerous active leaks were noted in the laundry room of the basement apartment.


Bellevue mold remediation

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