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Bellingham Indoor Environmental Inspection & Remediation Services

Bellingham has been a busy industrial area since the early 1900s. Because a majority of buildings in the area were built decades ago, there’s a strong chance lead paint may be present in a large number of homes. This, combined with excess humidity creating mold growth, can have a negative effect on your the quality of the air in your house.

Increased exposure to lead and mold can cause negative effects on your entire family’s health. By working with inspection and remediation specialists, you can test your home to determine the quality of your indoor air and improve it if necessary.

Our Bellingham team of indoor air quality inspectors can help identify potential issues and provide reasonable solutions to create a safe environment in your house.

Lead Tests and Inspections in Bellingham

The Department of Health estimates that there are close to 1.2 million homes in Washington that have lead-based paint. Although it was popularly used in both paints and fuels, this metal was banned in the early 1980s due to the negative effects it has on the human body. Lead exposure can harm both children and adults, so hiring a reliable Bellingham lead testing company is extremely important.

Unfortunately, conventional inspectors can only collect samples and send you the results once the tests conclude. At Environix, all of our inspectors carry the Lead Risk Assessor certification. Unlike standard inspectors, this allows our team members to discuss the dangers associated with lead and give you recommendations to take care of the problem in a safe manner.

Keep in mind that lead testing in Bellingham should examine paint coatings as well as the soil around your house.

Leaded Paint: Your inspector should carry out on-site tests on walls, doors, ceilings, and other applicable areas in order to identify any layers of leaded paint.
Lead-Contaminated Soil: Soil can be contaminated by lead paint or leaded fuel residue, so multiple samples need to be collected from different parts of your outdoor areas.

Bellingham Mold Testing and Inspections

Deciding to get your house tested for mold is a great idea, but you need to make sure the information is usable. Mold testing services in Bellingham shouldn’t only provide a lab report, but allow you to identify the root of the problem. This is why our inspectors collect samples and carry out a rigorous on-site examination to identify the issue that caused the outbreak in the first place.

Traditional mold inspections only tell you the type of mold and how bad the problem is. At Environix, we aim to locate the source of the problem, carry out a full-scale analysis, and propose a set of solutions to stop the mold from ever coming back.

Experience has taught us that excess moisture is usually at the root of a mold outbreak. Removing the mold is important, but finding where the unwanted humidity is coming from and fixing this issue will prevent the growth of harmful fungi in the future.

Mold Removal and Remediation Services

Even though the concept behind mold removal seems easy, it’s actually a complicated process. It’s worth noting that mold spores are everywhere. These organisms can be found floating around in all areas except for sterilized hospital or laboratory environments.

That being said, huge amounts of indoor mold spores reduce the air quality in your house. Hiring a professional mold removal and remediation company in Bellingham helps restore your air quality, resulting in a safer environment for you and your family.

We provide mold removal services in Bellingham that consist of four steps:

  • Contain: First and foremost, we contain the affected area in order to limit the scope of our work. This will prevent spores from settling all throughout your house, reducing the chances of future complications.
  • Remove: Once we finish containing the area, we start the removal process. All materials, personal items, and other objects that can’t be salvaged are discarded during this stage.
  • Clean: The third step is to clean the area and remove the mold from the elements that can be recovered. This step requires a comprehensive process, so it usually takes longer than the removal itself.
  • Test and Verify: Finally, our team of Bellingham mold removal experts will run a series of tests to verify that the project was a success. This includes both air testing and visual inspections that help assess the quality of the remediation.

Case Study from Bellingham

 Top Floor

  • Majority of sheetrock still in place.
  • Excessive amounts of mold growth found along bottom 2-3 feet of sheetrock in living room.
  • Visible mold growth found on exposed quik-crete floor in living room.
  • Some evidence of mold growth found on base of walls in bedrooms.
  • Tub still in place in bathroom. – Wet insulation is still located behind tub/shower surround.
  • Visible water marks noted around ceiling HVAC vent in living room.
  • Little to no mold growth noted on exposed wall sheathing where sheetrock had been removed.


Home inspection bellingham

Mold growth on sheer wall.

Bellingham home inspection

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