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Edmonds Indoor Environmental Inspection & Remediation Services

Edmonds enjoys one of the most beautiful locations in the entire Pacific Northwest because it faces the Puget Sound yet also has a stunning view of the Olympic mountains. That said, folks who live in this vibrant city should keep a close eye on the air quality in their home.

Mold is an ever-present threat that can have a negative effect on your family’s health. Not only this, but it’s estimated that close to 1.2 million homes in Washington may potentially have lead paint in their home and/or lead in the soil around their home.

We believe that the best way to create a safe home is to test the indoor environment for any potential contaminants. At Environix, our team of experienced mold abatement and lead inspection specialists implement a series of effective testing and remediation techniques. These can help you solve any issues at the roots and restore your indoor air quality permanently.

Lead Testing & Inspections

Despite the fact that the human race has been using lead for centuries, we now understand the negative health repercussions it causes. Lead was banned from paints, fuels, and other consumer goods in the early 1980s, but many homes may still be contaminated with this metal.

Keep in mind that lead can harm adults, but it poses a much bigger threat to children. Conducting lead-based paint testing as well as soil inspections will help you identify any sources of contamination.

Most companies only have the ability to collect samples and forward you the lab results once they have been processed. This is the reason why we provide a comprehensive list of Edmonds lead testing services. At Environix, all of our inspectors carry the Lead Risk Assessor Certification. This certification allows them to discuss the different threats associated with this metal. We also provide tips and best-practices so that you can remove the lead in a safe way.

Lead paint testing needs to be carried out in different parts of your house. This includes ceilings, walls, windows and windowsills, and even floors in some cases. You should also conduct soil lead testing in different parts of your backyard to ensure all areas are safe for your family.

Mold Inspection & Testing Services in Edmonds

Mold growth in your house can also affect the quality of your indoor air. Unfortunately, this is a common problem throughout the entire Pacific Northwest. The best way to identify and prevent unwanted growth is to find a reliable Edmonds mold testing company to inspect the different parts of your house.

The main problem with most home mold inspection services is that they only focus on lab tests. Although it is helpful, sample testing won’t tell you what’s causing the problem. Instead of only delivering test results, our mold testing professionals will also conduct a full on-site inspection to help locate the source of the problem.

While there are different types of mold, most of them are caused by excess humidity. Issues like water damage due to flooding, areas that have no ventilation, and leaking pipes can create the ideal environment for fungus to proliferate. Our team of mold specialists can help you identify the cause and provide a set of solutions that prevent the fungus from ever growing back.

Mold Removal & Remediation

At Environix, we’ve spent years developing an effective mold abatement approach, so our specialists will deliver a more superb customer experience. Our mold removal service follows a four-step protocol that allows us to remove excess contaminants and restore the quality of the air in your house once and for all.

Before starting the abatement, our specialists close off and contain the area they’re working on. This will prevent spores from settling all over your house and causing more issues later on. Once we seal the area, we start removing materials and, with your help, decide what materials will be restored or discarded.

Next, we’ll start cleaning out the affected area. This process may take even longer than the removal, but it’s critical for the success of the project. Finally, our team will test the air to ensure the project was a success.

Case Studies from Edmonds


  • Client requested an inspection to determine the extent of some mold growth noted on a laundry room wall.


  • This single family 2-story rental residence was built in 1972 and is 2,300 ft².


  • Damaged drain pipe from the upstairs tub


Home inspection in Edmonds

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Success Stories

"I really appreciated your presentation today, in particular the non-alarmist approach to moisture and mold problems, and the ways to look for and solve particular issues."

– Jeanette W.