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Federal Way Indoor Environmental Inspection & Remediation Services

Federal Way is home to a number of parks and attractions, but the folks that live in this area also need to note its humid climate. Excess moisture may cause mold growth, and the presence of lead paint in Washington homes can further diminish the air quality in your house.

Hiring a reliable indoor air quality inspector in Federal Way can help ensure a safe environment in your home. Both mold and lead can have negative effects on your family’s health. And unfortunately, both of these issues pose a real threat to residents of the Puget Sound area.

This is the reason why we provide a collection of air quality inspection and remediation services in Federal Way. At Environix, our team of qualified inspectors has the tools as well as the skills necessary to carry out a comprehensive examination and restore your indoor air quality permanently.

Why Test the Quality of Your Indoor Environment?

Mold grows naturally both indoors and outdoors. But, this type of fungus is also an allergen that can affect people with asthma, allergies, and compromised immune systems when found in high indoor concentrations.

Lead is a type of metal that has been used by humans for centuries. Since the discovery of its negative effects and subsequent ban in the early 1980s, all homeowners need to test for lead-based paint or contaminated soil in order to create a safe environment for their families.

Mold Inspections and Testing in Federal Way

Hiring a mold testing and inspection specialist in Federal Way will help you access the quality of your indoor air. But, you need to make sure you find a company that provides actionable information, rather than just lab results.

Your mold inspector should not only carry out a series of tests but also help you locate the root of the issue. Simply sending tests to a lab won’t tell you the cause of the mold outbreak. Combining thorough lab tests with a rigorous on-site inspection is the only way to truly determine the cause and provide a permanent solution.

In our experience, most mold problems come from excess moisture. This is the reason why our Federal Way mold inspectors carry out extensive field examinations and lab tests that help you identify the source as well as the gravity of the problem.

Federal Way Mold Removal and Remediation Services

Our team of Federal Way mold removal experts is trained to deliver great customer experience. We combine this with an extensive remediation process that involves effective techniques and result in reduced expenses for our clients.

Remember that mold spores can be found floating around virtually everywhere; therefore, removing all the mold is not a realistic goal. That being said, having high concentrations of mold in your indoor air quality can cause allergic reactions and affect people with compromised immune systems.

This is why we focus on remediating the root of the problem and tackle the issues that are causing the mold to thrive.

How Our Remediation Process Works

At Environix, we rely on a four-step plan that helps us deliver great mold removal services in Federal Way and surrounding areas. The steps to our approach are:

  • Containment: Containing the area is extremely important because it prevents mold spores from settling all over your home. Removing the source of the mold may produce a large number of airborne spores, so keeping them confined significantly reduces the scope of our work.
  • Removal: The next part of the process is the removal stage. In this step, our removal specialists dispose of all items and elements that can’t be recovered.
  • Cleaning: During the removal process, we identify materials and areas that can be salvaged. Then, during the cleaning process, we remove all signs of mold from the affected area as well as the items that will be restored.
  • Testing and Verification: Once the cleaning and removal processes are finished, our mold removal experts will carry out a series of tests to ensure the success of the project.

Lead Inspection and Testing Services

Lead is a type of naturally-occurring metal, but it can have detrimental effects on human health. This is the reason why leaded paints and fuels were prohibited in the early 1980s.

Today, The Department of Health estimates that there are more than 1 million homes that have lead paint in Washington alone. Hiring lead inspection services in Federal Way will help assess if there is lead in your home and take action if there is any contamination.

Conventional lead testing firms can only collect samples and send them for testing. At Environix, all of our inspectors carry the Lead Risk Assessor certification, which allows them to provide suggestions to address the issue effectively.

Besides the fact that lead paint may pose a threat, you should also carry out soil tests to ensure a safe environment indoors and outdoors.




  • Client has had multiple small water intrusion issues near the back door that has affected the carpet. Now she is experiencing respiratory issues and thinks it may be from a mold problem. Environix hired to inspect the area of concern as well as collect an indoor air quality sample.


  • Mold is primarily in the carpet and is likely from small flooding incidents from a clogged downspout on the back porch.



Success Stories

"Thanks Jodie! I also wanted to say that the guys who came out here were SUPER professional. They didn't leave a mark on our house and I know it was a dirty and large job. They were really nice and explained everything well. I'll recommend your company to everyone who needs this service and to the other townhouses in our HOA so people know where to call."

– Connie T.