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Mercer Island Indoor Environmental Inspection & Remediation Services

Mercer Island is located in Lake Washington and it’s one of the most picturesque areas in the Puget Sound. Also known as MI, this city is usually listed in the wealthiest areas in the State, but despite this, homes in the area are still quite susceptible to mold growth and lead contamination.

According to some estimates, there are more than 1 million houses in Washington that have lead paint. And, in humid regions like Mercer Island, you should also make sure you test your house for mold in order to create a healthy environment for your family.

At Environix, our crew of air quality professionals can help test different parts of your house to ensure these dangerous materials are not present. By examining the surfaces, soil, and other areas, we can locate the source of the issues and provide solutions that help restore the quality of the air permanently.

Mercer Island Mold Inspections

Excessive humidity levels are usually the cause of mold. For this reason, finding the source of the moisture is the only way to solve your mold problem and prevent it from coming back. Unfortunately, standard inspectors only collect samples, forward them to a lab, and send the results back to you.

Despite the fact that testing is a great way to find out the type of mold and spore concentrations, this is not the most effective way to find the cause of the problem. This is one of the reasons why we developed a new method that combines thorough on-site evaluation with advanced laboratory tests that help you understand where the problem is coming from.

Our team of trained inspectors will survey different parts of your home in order to find the source of excess humidity. Whether it’s ground-water floods, poor ventilation, or leaky pipes, we can help you track down the problem and provide a set of solutions to avoid any future mold problems.

Mold Removals in Mercer Island

Our main two priorities are to deliver great customer service and to find permanent solutions that don’t cost a small fortune. Removing mold may sound easy, but it’s actually a complicated process that can involve large areas of your home, depending on the extent of the problem.

Keep in mind that this type of fungus is present everywhere, so removing all the spores from any given area is almost impossible. But even if it grows naturally, high concentrations can result in poor air quality. In these cases, removing the mold and fixing the cause of the problem can restore air quality and stop this type of fungus from growing back.

We created an approach that helps us remove mold permanently. To start, we isolate the area in order to prevent spores from settling in your house. When you remove mold, huge amounts of spores are released, which can cause a serious problem later on.

Once our experts contain the area, they will start removing damaged materials. Not all materials and belongings must be discarded, however; we can help you identify the items that can be restored and let you decide if you want us to salvage them.

After we remove all the materials, we will begin cleaning the space. This part can take as long, if not longer than the actual removal because mold is invisible to the naked eye. We fully decontaminate the area in four separate stages, and then run a few tests to make sure the project was a success.

Mercer Island Lead Testing and Inspections

Lead-based paint was a popular choice before it was banned in the early 1980s. This metal can have a series of negative effects on the human body.

While the risk is larger for young children, lead can also harm adults. Hiring a lead inspector is a great idea, but keep in mind that conventional providers can only take samples without providing recommendations to solve the problem.

Our entire team of inspectors carries the Lead Risk Assessor training, so we can discuss the different issues this metal can cause. And, our team can also provide advice on how to remove the problem in a sensible way.

Lead paint may be the most notorious issue, but keep in mind that you need to test different parts of your house in order to ensure there’s no contamination. This includes the soil that surrounds your house as it can absorb residue lead from different sources.

It’s worth noting that lead paint tests are carried out on doors, walls, windowsills, ceilings, doors and other areas. Soil samples should be taken from different parts of your outdoor spaces. These samples can be tested on-site or sent to a lab for further examination.



  • Client’s wife is experiencing allergic reactions and is concerned it may be from mold. Environix hired to inspect the basement and collect an indoor air quality sample.



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